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#ZEDForest - Environment Support - Increasing the green cover

31 Dec 2022 Fundraiser Tushar Gangurde
  • Raised: INR 53,152 (Offline: INR 0)
  • Goal: INR 360,000
  • Contributors: 32

#LetsPlantAForest at a time! To increase the green cover on the earth as well as support needy elements of the society.

This forestation will be done at vairous places where caretakers are available. School kids will be benefited, will grow with the trees and will cherish them along with their memories.


Sponsor a fruit tree (seed cost, soil/fertilizer/package cost, transport charges ~300/- per sapling)


-Tree tracking will be done at ZedAid.org and maintenance will be done by the premises owner

- Location identification is done based on survey of the needy area, land capabilities, responsibility of securing the space and ownership along with the resources to maintain the tree (transportation, space, manpower, fertilizer and water supply) 

-Every tree will be assigned to a caretaker (mainly needy elements of the society)

-Caretaker will be the sole owner of the tree, responsible to maintain the tree and beneficiary of the tree outcome (fruits and any byproducts without cutting the tree)


-Benefit of tree plantation


  1. -More oxygen in our air
  2. -More natural carbon sinks and reduced greenhouse gases
  3. -Natural habitats for endangered animal species
  4. -Healthier soil and natural humidity control
  5. -Reduces land erosion


  1. -Grow along with the tree : Connect with the tree, celebrate birthdays of the trees on the physical location. Go along with families/kids (encourage all age groups to do same)
  2. -Connect with village lifestyle (if plantation is within village/ruler area)


  1. -Selling fruits and/or any byproducts without cutting the tree will generate revenue for the caretaker
  2. -Footfall of sponsor and families will add up new business opportunities (if plantation is within village/ruler area)
  3. -Food service – local breakfast, lunch, snacks and dinner services
  4. -Experience a life of villager - buy/rent local wear/products
  5. -Farming activities/experience – participate in farming activities with certain fees


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INR 53,152 Raised of INR 360,000

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