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Donate your Smart phone to a needy student

31 Aug 2021 Material donation Tushar Gangurde
  • Raised: Qty 3 (Offline: Qty 0)
  • Goal: Qty 50
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Most of us and our children are privileged to have a smart phone for their online studies. Same time many students with lower financial status can not afford to buy a new or even an used phone during this pandemic and missing their education.

Requesting each one of you to see if you have any unused but in a good condition smart phone just lying in your house, DONATE IT!  Do it yourself or hand it over to us and we will make sure it goes in needy hand. Details will be shared to every donor once phone is handed over to a student.

Interested needy Students can WhatsApp on 7208701981 with their requirements!

Qty 3 Raised of Qty 50

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