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Community Kitchen Program

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Who we are : https://www.facebook.com/ggmtofficial/

The community kitchen will serve primary beneficiaries are the Orphan  
children, migrant people, widows, women, elderly people, slum dwellers,  
people who sleep on sidewalk, orphanages, old age homes,, they will  
qualify for free meal. To supplement the meal program, Grace Of Glory Ministry  
Trust will offer nutrition education classes, Grace Of Glory Ministry Trust believes  
in finding a long- term solution to the malnutrition problem. Simply providing  
meals once a day is not enough to rectify the prevalence of chronic lifestyle diseases.  
By offering classes about healthy eating and living. GGMT hopes that Needy  
People will learn how they can take simple steps in their daily lives to improve their  
overall standard of living. 
The kitchen will also be a vocational training centre. Those Needy People who are  
interested in pursuing jobs in the restaurant or service can enroll in a four – week  
training course that will be offered by GGMT. Trained chefs and restaurant  
managers will lead training sessions. Upon completion of the course, Learners will  
receive a certificate that will help them get jobs in restaurants in Dharmasala or  
wherever they chose to move. Grace Of Glory Ministry Trust believes that this will  
help tackle the larger issue of unemployment, which has become endemic.

Grace Of Glory Ministry Trust primary beneficiaries are the Orphan  
children, migrant people, widows, women, elderly people, slum dwellers,  
people who sleep on sidewalk, orphanages, old age homes, local Indians  
people who are deprived of educational and health facilities. In addition,  
Grace of glory serves the general community through its programs and  
services, including language classes, a community kitchen, vocational  
skill training, health and hygiene initiatives, environmental awareness  
activities, volunteer services, and cultural exchanges. The year 2019 and  
2020-21 were harsh and vulnerable for some families and some children  
in fact many children because the lost the most precious thing that is their  
parents and now when they have lost their parents their luck also betrays  
them as some children were took over by their relatives but many of  
them were not lucky so the got orphan. These children are not capable  
of earning a two-time meal that where community kitchen came in front  
like an angel to these children. Our organization feed these children with  
a healthy diet what they need at their age we can see such kind of  
examples in Western parts of India where community kitchen plays a  
major role keep these children alive and helping them fight emotionally  
and physically by keep them healthy and happy. We also look after  
welfare of the state people, focused on the area of health education, legal  
aid for women, support for women households and their children, and  
other marginalized groups. Orphan children, Child Education, Child  
Welfare, Child Rights. In these times, of crisis we have also worked for  
migrants, This Project helped 2000. People Have To be given food  
Through This Kitchen. in future aiming for 5000.

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