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5 Days Shiv jayanti Utsav

18 Feb 2022 Fundraiser Swati Gawde
  • Raised: INR 1,800 (Offline: INR 0)
  • Goal: INR 100,000
  • Contributors: 4

Mahatma Jyotiba Fule Bahuuddeshiya Service Future Organization (Reg.)

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5 days Shiva Jayanti celebration 2022,  ( 3rd Year)

Through the above organization, with the inspiration of  *Mahatma Jotiba Fule*  for the last 3 years,  5 days Shiva Jayanti has been celebrated in Rural (Aadivasi pada) areas.  This year also  5 day Shiva Jayanti  will be celebrated and also it is planned to be celebrated in our Jogeshwari Area. We will make a sincere effort to convey Chatrapati Shivaji Maharaj's thoughts to all.

Various programs will be organized in this 5 day Shiv Jayanti festival.

1) Forts Construction Competition (Urban / Rural Division)

(All groups participating in the forts construction competition will be given attractive Idols of the  Chhatrapati Shivaji Maharaja and certificates.)

2) Essay Competition (Online Competition)

3) Rhetoric Competition (online competition)

4) Various Field Sports (Rural Division)

5) Painting competition (online competition)

6) Competition to celebrate Chhatrapati Shivaji Maharaj  Jayanti at home to Home  (online competition)

The following items are required for the celebration of the above activities, however, Shiva devotees in the community should be generously supported.

*Reward Distribution*

? First Prize - 20 cups (Rs.800 per cup)
?Second Prize - 20 cups (Rs. 550 per cup)
? Third Prize -: 20 cups (Rs. 250 per cup)
*Insignia-: (Sanman Chinha)*
? 10 cups (Rs. 350 per cup)
? 50 frames (Rs.250 per frame)
? 20 idols of SHIVAJI Maharaj (Rs. 350 per idol)
?Shawl-: 20 (Rs. 70 per shawl)
?Testimonials -: 1000
?Banner -: 30 (Rs. 200 per banner)
?Contouring and decorators

Organization Name -:
 Mahatma Jyotiba Fule Bahuudeshiya Sevabhavi Sanstha, (Current A / c)
Janata Sahakari Bank Ltd.
A / C no.  - 020230100004806
Ifsc no.  - JSBP0000020

For more information contact:

Prasad Mandavkar-: 9768637534,
Nilesh Kudtarkar -: 8693008261,
Gautam Bansode -: 8424895791,
Swati Gawde -: 8879991605,
Ranjita Sawant -: 9022766278,

INR 1,800 Raised of INR 100,000

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