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Eco-Friendly - Holi - Replace Wood with Gaucast rods

18 Mar 2022 Charity products ZedAid
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Planning to cut trees for holi ???


Shree Gaumata Seva Sanstha and ZED Foundation has launched a new concept where they are replacing tree branches/woods with Gaucast rods (gobar and mixture) for burning in HOLI.


Burning this we help nature in many ways :


1.  No Pollution : Emitting healthy gases due to pure ‘Havan Samagri’, making environment heathy and peaceful, gives positive effect on human, plants, birds and animals all around us

2. Ambient : Creates ambient fragrance across due to ‘Havan Samagri’ used in it

3. Saves Trees : the rods are made from cow dung and other waste material hence it helps in avoiding cutting trees for HOLI

4. Fertilizer : Once the rods burns fully, it does not create waste rather it creates rich fertilizer which can be distributed in small packets to the society members or can be put in water buckets (10gm to 10ltr ratio) and pour it in for plants as it’s a good source of nutrients for plants


Who can approach :


Societies planning to buy tree branches or woods for ‘HOLI ka dahan’ can approach them for getting this pack of HOLI which contains :


1. Gaucast rods (100 rods)

2. Upla (100pcs)

3. Gomay Diya (100pcs)

4. Dhoop sticks (100pcs)

5. Bheemseni Capoor (100gm)

6. Shudh Desi Ghee (250gm)

7. Organic color (2Kg) as per availability


Whom to approach :


Shree Gaumata Seva Sanstha

Show interest on below link (this is a new concept hence we have limited Gaucast rods and will be able to serve few societies only, in future we will increase the production and help more Gaushalas which will also help more Cows to survive in Gaushalas and also generate revenue for the needy ones)



Package cost is 4k, can be customized as per request.

OmPrakash Yadav

Shree Gaumata Seva Sanstha

076667 20500

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