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Fund For New Born Baby who is being treated at Cloudnine Hospital, Navi Mumbai.

30 Sep 2022 Fundraiser Tejas Kachare
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My name is Tejas Kachare and I am raising funds for my baby, Baby of Komal, who is being treated at Cloudnine Hospital, Navi Mumbai.


7 months back, we got the big news! Our hearts were filled with joy. God blessed us with not just one baby but twins. We were eagerly waiting to welcome new additions to our family. 


However, it all turned upside down in the 5th month of pregnancy when we lost one of our twins in the womb itself. Losing a baby, no matter how it happens, or how early in the pregnancy, is devastating. We were heartbroken. But, we gathered ourselves & stayed strong for our other baby.


Tragically, the other twin was also born prematurely. He was immediately admitted to the NICU. I pleaded with the nurses to let me hold him once. The first time I laid my eyes on my child, He was wrapped in tubes and bandages; my little one was fighting to even breathe!


Today, my newborn’s condition is far from normal. He needs NICU care at Cloudnine Hospital, the cost of which is 11 Lakhs.


Born just a few days ago, my little one is fighting hard instead of being in my arms. Several machines and pipes are keeping him alive.


I cannot even imagine the pain my little one must be going through. Will you be his savior and help him reunite with us?


You can make it happen. Please help us reach our goal by clicking the donate button and informing your family and friends about this fundraiser.


“We can’t help everyone, but everyone can help someone.” We appreciate your assistance and well wishes.


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